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At C4i4 we not only introduce you to the new technology but also give you the feel of it a unique way.


The Centre for Industry 4.0 (C4i4) Lab is focused on creating widespread and definitive awareness of the industrial revolution among the Indian manufacturing industry. The C4i4 Lab’s vision is to be recognized as a world-class center for promoting innovation & adoption of Industry 4.0 solutions to enhance the global competitiveness of the Industry.

Department of Heavy Industries, Government of India has set up C4i4 Lab Pune as part of a national initiative named SAMARTH (Smart Automated Manufacturing and Rapid Transformation Hub) Udyog. The Government, Industry, Academic Institutions, and Industry Associations have joined forces to promote digital transformation in manufacturing. Through collaboration among government, industry, and technology companies, C4i4 plans to develop an ecosystem that nurtures innovation and drives growth.

We believe in making change tangible, develop technical foundations, and create a worldwide impact. Sounds like something for you? Have fun learning more!

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What we do

Our approach is what makes us different from others and this is how C4i4 Lab is leading clents towards the future.

what we do

C4i4 Lab helps in upskilling your existing workforce and accelerate training your new workforce to keep up with new digital challenges and opportunities. The purpose is to fill the skill gap with our expertise and transform it into a gain.

what we do

These workshops are themed on creating awareness about the new age manufacturing technologies, IIoT solutions and cyber-physical systems amongst the Indian manufacturing industries. C4i4 Lab also offers workshops that starts with basic Industry 4.0 awareness and ends with successful implementation of pilot projects by the participants.

what we do

At C4i4 Lab, we provide you with the experience to industry 4.0 solutions on demonstration sets and equipment. These demonstrations include but not limited to energy monitoring and management, Quality 4.0 and advanced applications of Augmented Reality.

what we do
Maturity testing

C4i4 Lab has developed an Industry 4.0 online assessment tool (I4MM) which helps organizations analyze their level of digitization. Based on the assessment report, C4i4 Lab helps organizations identify and prioritize immediate areas of digitization and initiates a digital transformation road-map.

what we do
Project Advisory

C4i4 Lab I4.0 Implementation advisory services help organizations to prepare a strategies plan to implement Industry 4.0 solutions and develop simple solution architectures which can be horizontally and vertically deployed inside and across the organization.

C4i4 Benefits

We stand for our strategical outlook, foresightedness and zeal to bring a change in the Industry.


We do not force sell any solutions. We handhold the Client to understand their pain points and advise digital solutions which can solve those points.


Innovation is an inherent aspect of Digitization. Team C4i4 always try to push ourselves towards new paths in solving a customer problem achieving high level of customer satisfaction.

People, Commitment & Passion

Team C4i4 is very passionate in understating & solving the problems of the Industry. Our vision to become a World class center for Industry 4.0 adoption drivers our commitment & passion.

Vendor Ecosystem

C4i4 Partnered with stalwarts of the Industry who got an In-depth understanding of the Industry and have successfully implemented I4.0 solutions pan India. They bring in expertise & excellence in all the projects.

Success stories

In these customer stories, you'll learn how companies like yours have integrated smart manufacturing in their business model

Engagement Model

Four steps to enable your intelligent manufacturing transformation with C4i4 Lab.


As the manufacturing industry is disrupted by digital changes, the workforce is as well. Address the skills gap to keep up with digital manufacturing that will boost job satisfaction, enhance productivity, and streamline decision making with a fully equipped and empowered workforce. Upskill your existing workforce and accelerate training your new workforce to keep up with this historic change by opting for C4i4 awareness programs.


Self-Assessment is an important step towards digital transformation for any organization. C4i4's online Industry 4.0 maturity model (I4MM) and Self-assessment template is designed to provide you with an understanding of your company's position regarding Industry 4.0 maturity by measuring the current set of people, process & technology elements thereby identifying needs for action and plan sustainable digital transformation activities.


Business and technology eco-systems must be in harmony and that demands an end-to-end approach to technology and an empowered industrial manufacturing workforce. Scaling up digital activities across the value chain is a task that can provide sustainable results only with a strong vision and strategy, resources & institutional elements. C4i4 Lab's advisory services help companies in setting up management processes, business processes, people systems & Industry 4.0 infrastructure enabling companies to have a systematic scale-up.


C4i4 Lab's digital advisory services help organizations in quickly realizing the value of the digital transformation activities allowing businesses to respond quickly to changing needs, building new business models and revenue streams with intelligent manufacturing—delivering innovative products and services from agile factories and intelligent supply chains.

Partner ecosystem

Together we're building the future of manufacturing. C4i4 Lab aims at delivering innovative joint solutions to pave the way of industry 4.0

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Join our group of innovators, working together to solve Industries’ and organizations’ most challenging problems and leading them towards digital transformation. We use leading-edge technologies and strategies to reinvent the approach of our clients towards the implementation of Industry 4.0 standards in their businesses.